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Quality time with your children

Father and Son


Sometimes people only view Supervised Visitation as something being forced upon them by a judge.


But it comes with many positive attributes. Below are 10 major 

benefits of doing Supervised Visitation:


Supervised Visitation helps with:

1. Reduced Anxiety: For children who might feel anxious or uncomfortable in certain situations, supervised visitation provides a more reassuring environment, allowing them to feel secure during the visitation period.


2. Mending damaged relationships: Relationships between the child and the non-custodial parent can be rebuilt, promoting trust and a sense of security.


3. Professional Supervision: Trained professionals unrelated to family members are unbiased and can intervene if necessary, ensuring appropriate behavior and facilitating healthy interactions.


4. Documentation: The monitor provides detailed documentation of the visitation interactions, which can be valuable in assessing progress for legal proceedings or custody evaluations.


5. Parental Assistance: Parents receive support and guidance while undergoing rehabilitation or counseling when a structured setting is provided to practice positive parenting skills.

6. Reduced Stress: Stress is alleviated for custodial parents knowing that visits are supervised and that the physical and emotional safety of the child are protected.


7. Court Compliance: Supervised visitation helps parents adhere to court-ordered visitation requirements, allowing them to fulfill their parental obligations while addressing any concerns raised by the court or involved parties.


8. Conflict Resolution: Professional monitors can help manage conflicts that arise during visits, modeling appropriate behavior and communication for the benefit of the child.


9. Exchanges: Restraining Orders will be upheld with the help of a Monitor who delivers the children to the other parent so the parents never have to meet or see each other.


10. Transition to Unsupervised Visits: Serves as a stepping stone toward unsupervised visits as trust and confidence between the parents and child are rebuilt and demonstrated over time.

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