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Quality time with your children


What is Supervised Visitation?

     Sometimes a Judge, Lawyer, mediator, or family therapist will recommend supervised visitation for a parent to spend time with his or her child. The purpose is for that parent to visit in a controlled environment that ensures the safety and comfort of the child.


      A trained supervisor will oversee these interactions, observing the parent-child dynamics, documenting any concerning behaviors or issues that arise, and facilitate a setting where the child feels secure. The goal is to maintain a healthy relationship between the parent and child while prioritizing the child's safety and emotional well-being throughout the visitation period.


At Cherished Visitation, our mission is to ensure the safety and well being of children while they visit their parents, and to monitor the activities and dynamic between the parent and their children. We take notes on interactions between them and help facilitate quality time spent appropriately while bonding with their children.


About Us

Jeremy Rivette, head of Cherished Visitation, earned a degree in Psychology before administering Behavior Intervention Therapy for autistic children.


He also worked with a large variety of other special needs children including those who were handicapped, mute, had extreme emotional distress, or had Down syndrome.


He worked in public schools all across Los Angeles, as well as conducting In-home therapy for all kinds of children of different ethnicities and cultures.


Qualifications relating to Supervised Visitation:

  • Certified training in the California Rules of Court 5.20 Monitoring Standards of Practice

  • ​Family Code 3200.5

  • Trustline Registered

  • Mandated Reporter of child abuse and neglect


  • Marriage and relationships

  • Abnormal Psychology

  • Human Growth and Development

  • Child Development

  • Divorce and Separation

  • Domestic Violence

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Substance Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Documentation

  • Terminating and Suspending Visitations

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