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Quality time with your children

Spending quality time with children is Paramount for them to foster trust and empathy, and to emotionally connect, especially within the parent-child relationship. 


Supervised visitation serves as a critical role in guaranteeing that these precious moments spent with parents are both safe and beneficial. 


It provides a structured setting that enables families to reconnect, bond, and allow their relationship to grow.


What We Do

During Supervised Visitation, we prioritize the child’s safety and well-being while facilitating healthy interactions between the parent and the child.


We provide off-site service in Los Angeles CA, overseeing a healthy environment for parents to reconnect with their children and rebuild anything that may have been damaged in their relationship, while documenting what happens from an objective, strictly facts-based perspective.


Services We Provide:

Supervised Visitation

Monitors facilitate a supervised visit between non-custodial parents and their children, observing them in a neutral, objective manner.

Court Reporting

Providing detailed reports and testimony regarding visits when requested by the court.

Supervised Exchange

A service ensuring safety and keeping peace when exchanging children between parents, while upholding any restraining orders.

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